The Booth

One of the biggest problems with the photobooth is that it confines you in a box, limiting your comfort and creativity. This had to change, and so we set some criteria while we designed it.

  • Accessibility: Easy access for people of all ages and sizes. Can roll one or two wheelchairs in without ramps. Who said grannies don’t know how to party?
  • Spacious: Open and airy inside to comfortably fit groups of 10 or more. (Our record is 16!) Gives smaller groups room to strike creative poses. Step away for a full body shot, or get close for a head and shoulder shot.
  • Private: For the newlyweds and couples who want to share a smooch, or for the closet models and hams who want a new Facebook profile pic, the booth is enclosed from head to toe.
  • Appearance: Simple design that can blend in with any event decor. No “carnival” appeal, our photobooth will not detract or distract from the main event.

  • Modular: The same booth can be repurposed into multiple configurations. From the standard automated enclosed photobooth we can quickly turn it into a open air booth, or even into a tethered studio setup with multiple lighting arrangements.
  • Mobile: The entire photobooth is easy to assemble and take down without the use of any tools. This means we can setup in places other photobooths have difficulty accessing and we can move the booth from one location to another with minimal downtime and noise.

After several booth revisions, we finally decided to enclose the entire booth in white drapes. Simple and clean, if we didn’t have any props or signs out, it can even be part of the wedding ceremony.

For most wedding planners, putting the photobooth in the same room as the ceremony would be absurd, but given the limited space at the venue, this was the best spot for us. With all the cameras and tripods around, I don’t think anyone really took notice! Thank you Kelley of Picture Perfect Event for trusting us to put the booth there!


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