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Tierra Rejada Ranch Photobooth: Amy & Sherwin

For many of us who live in the suburbs of Los Angeles County, we get so used to the bright lights, loud noises, and constant feed of information that we forget to slow down, disconnect ourselves for just a moment, and focus on the most important things in life–each other. When we arrived at the

Los Angeles Photobooth: Carol & Dean

I practically drive by this place every day going to and from downtown LA, and never knew it existed! Straddled by the 5 and 110 fwys, railroad tracks, gas stations, Home Depot, and fast food, we found ourselves setting up our booth at the LA River Center and Gardens, a beautiful oasis with mission-style buildings,

Monterey Park Photobooth: Judy & Nhien

We had our own wedding reception here many many moons ago and we’ve been here plenty of times for dim sum, but it was completely transformed on this evening by Platinum Peaks with floor to ceiling drapes, up-lighting, and accents. Great stuff. I managed to grab a couple shots of our setup as guests arrived.

In the beginning…

A little more than a year ago we decided to commit more to our photobooth. So we challenged ourselves by taking it to some of the most discerning reviewers on earth: Yelp Elite. It was a good opportunity to get some feedback and find out how we can improve. This elite-only event just so happened


Welcome to the blog and the new home for the Snappy Joe Photo Booth! As the first post to this blog, you’ll have to forgive me for feeling a bit sentimental, because I FINALLY got this chance to give our booth its very own little home on the web. It’s been a super busy summer,