In the beginning…

In the beginning…

A little more than a year ago we decided to commit more to our photobooth. So we challenged ourselves by taking it to some of the most discerning reviewers on earth: Yelp Elite. It was a good opportunity to get some feedback and find out how we can improve.

This elite-only event just so happened to have a bad-hair theme, so the photobooth was perfect for them to ham up and show off their hairdos (and don’ts). The host, Gyenari, had great atmosphere and put out a really generous buffet of Korean BBQ that managed to fill quite a few bellies. Unfortunately the restaurant is closed now, the food was great, but we heard it was a bit overpriced.

Here’s a link to the reviews from the evening:


  • miranda

    I love the bad hair theme. Seems like a funny narrative to setup for any event.

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