The shop talk can get a little winded, so here’s the summary. Our booth is made from the best goodies you can find in the industry. A lot of photographers would envy the high-res DSLRs we use. These cameras not only take spectacularly sharp photos, they also have live-view, which lets you see yourself on the screen before it takes. And for the photographers who have the same camera, they would be amazed by our results straight out of the camera and onto the printer, because we programmed in custom profiles to deliver vibrant colors and deep black and whites. To get crisp, sharp photos with perfect skin tones and accurate colors, we use high-power professional studio strobes with big diffused lighting. And then we got a special kind of printer that processes on an inkless roll that not only provides UV coated, lab-quality prints, it spits them out in less than 10 seconds.

Of course, for the non-technical people thinking, “All that equipment sounds so complicated, how am I going to figure out how to use the thing?”, I answer, “It’s easy, just touch the screen.” We got rid of the big red button and hauled in a touchscreen, with a simple customized interface and virtual buttons to toggle all the options, including color and black and white modes and multiple layouts and designs. As you toggle through the options, changes can be seen on the live-view preview.

As simple as it is, we never expect everyone to know what to do when they enter our booth. We stay on site throughout the event to provide your guests with assistance and tips.


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