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So what do you get out of all of this? Personalized party favors for everybody! Photos of all your guests!

Every photo taken from our photobooth will not only be given to you on disc at the end of the night, but will also be put online in a password protected gallery. You and your guests can view all the photos and download the full resolution files for free.

Our favorite way to share photobooth pictures isn’t on the computer though, it’s in a scrapbook! With our scrapbook option, we will print doubles of everything, so your guests can keep a copy, and the other copy goes in the scrapbook. We will provide pre-cut scrapbook stationary, colored pens, stickers, tape, scissors, and glue, and our attendant will assist guests throughout the night. We try our best to complete assembly of the scrapbook within one hour of our closing time so you can take the book on your honeymoon to see fun photos of your guests and read what they had to write to you.

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